Do you have questions about Entrance Test, school programme, curriculum, CCA? Do you want to get to know the school system better? Then, this section is for you where we will help you to be ready for what the school has to offer by answering your questions. 

Have you ever wondered if CCA is offered to Primary One students? Would you also want to know what other enrichment programmes are being offered to our students? Come in and have a look at a snippet showcasing the varied modular CCAs and enrichment programmes offered at different primary levels.

What is a Ma’arifian’s life like? How does she spend her day in school? Find the answers here. Enjoy!  

Have you ever wondered how the interior of the school looks like? Would you like your daughter to take a virtual tour of the school? Come on board and join us here!

Find out more about the curriculum approach and mode of assessment at the primary level in a nutshell, and the pathway that is available for every primary Ma’arifian after PSLE.