Important Information

  1. The School has 70 vacancies only (girls)
  2. Applicable for Singapore Citizen and Singapore PR only
  3. For children born on or between 2 January 2015 to 1 January 2016.
  4. P1 Application weeks: 22 March to 2 April 2021.
  5. Online application only. The online form is open at 8.30 am on 22 March and accessible 24 hours during the application period.
  6. The application is NOT based on first-come-first-served basis.
  7. A non-refundable $20.00 application fee is imposed for every application.
  8. Application form is to be completed and $20.00 application fee is to be paid during the application period. Failure to do so will result in auto-withdrawal of the application.
  9. Ensure that all email addresses are spelled correctly and valid for future correspondence. Avoid using work email address.

Required documents (Softcopy only):

  1. Child’s Birth Certificate
  2. Summary of K1 Progress Report/ Subjects took in K1
  3. Immunisation Report (also available in Health Booklet page 57 and 58)
  4. Medical report (if any)
  5. Identification Card of both parents or/ and Guardians (if any)
  6. Other related documents: Marriage, divorce, custody, death, adoption, deed poll, deferment from MOE etc certificates/ papers/ letters

Other dates:

  1. Joint Entrance Test Day : 10 April 2021


    Students will be assessed on 

    • Literacy skills (English Lang, Malay Lang & Arabic Lang) which includes recognition of words, letter-sound association, reading with understanding, writing
    • Numeracy Skills (Maths); which includes numbers in words, sequencing, number bonds, shape recognition.
  2. Application Result : 14 May 2021 onwards.
  3. Appeal Period : 17 to 21 May 2021
  4. Registration Exercise : 29 May to 5 June 2021

For more information about the application and the school, check this link out: