Pre University Programme

Newly introduced this year, the revamped Pre U Programme has been made more progressive through the introduction of Modular system (4 Modules – Syariah, Usuluddin, Critical Thinking & Writing, Islamic Worldview) in its approaches. In providing students with the experience of interacting with knowledge experts, Lecture Series, a four-hourly weekly programme, which invites practitioners and experts in their fields to come forth to share their expert knowledge with the students. Research Education and Ma’arif Attachment Programme are two compulsory components which require students to critically apply, evaluate and synthesize theories into real-life experiences. 


Subjects offered At 'Aliyyah Stream

Usuluddin Subjects

  • Tauhid
  • Mantiq
  • Tafsir
  • Ulum Quran
  • Hadith
  • Mustalah Hadith

​Syariah Subjects

  • Faraid
  • Fiqh
  • Usul Fiqh
  • Tarikh Tasyri’
  • T. Islam
  • Qawaid Fiqh

Lughah Subjects

  • Adab & Nusus
  • Arud & Qafiah
  • Balaghah
  • Insyak & Mutala’ah
  • Nahu & Saraf

​Core Subjects

  • Quran
  • English Language
  • Malay Language

Subjects offered At A-Level Stream

H2 Subjects

  • Malay Language & Literature,
  • Mathematics
  • Biology or Chemistry (to be advised, conditional acceptance)

A level Subjects 

  • Syariah
  • Usuluddin, 

H1 Subjects

  • Maths
  • General Paper
  • Malay Language  

AO level Subject

  • Arabic Language.

Special Programme for both stream

  • Lecture Series
  • Research Work
  • Ma’arif Attachment Programme
  • Modular Framework
  • Problem-based Learning.